Lost In Thoughts

Kalin. 28. Feminist.

Equine enthusiast (Simon <3). Animal lover.

Hockey fan (Chicago Blackhawks & Vancouver Canucks).

Aggie at heart (degree in Ag Business). Lover of rustic things, cabins, mountains and nature.

Former fat kid still loves food, coffee and whiskey.





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A brilliant metaphor

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I had to lay down the law with Monty and tell him that he CANNOT bring all of his hair with him to the apartment.  

I just furminated him and the amount of fur I got off his neck area alone was enough to outfit an entire Beagle.  And he is a short-haired dog!  

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My poor planner this week is messed up.  I keep a paper planner AND my google calendar.  

For the past 2 weeks, I’d flip to this week’s page and write stuff down, regardless of what date it was actually supposed to go on.  Then I’d cross is out.

Then I had a client change times for appointments so I crossed that out.

Another client is on vacation, so I crossed that out.

Two of my appointments changed times, so I had to re-write those.  

This whole week has stuff scratched out right and left!  Looks like a birds nest or something.

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The very best of Picture Picture.

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